Sunday, May 31, 2009

Insult to all Maharashtrians and Maharashtrian culture- YAWN!!

MNS has a film wing. How funny is that? I really rolled on the floor laughing when I read that the ‘MSN film wing’ has been angered by Rekha’s remark on a BLAH issue. I just love it when Raj Thackeray goes on saying how some celebrity’s comment is an insult to all Maharashtrians and Maharashtrian culture.

I’m sure the job of the film wing is to scan newspapers every morning and watch TV in the evenings and see if some big celebrity has passed an unusual statement that they can connect to the Marathi man and then push it to be an insult and then wreak havoc in the city and then gain publicity. Raj will be questioned for a while in the station, there will be an unbailable warrant issued in his name and yet he will be sleeping comfortably in his bedroom at night. The spineless policemen and the lethargic judiciary should be the ones who are an insult to all Maharashtrians and Maharashtrian culture.

Coming back to the film wing… I am really curious to know how they start their day. Probably, they make a list of actors whose popularity has increased off late, make sure he is not from Maharashtra and then either wait for him or her to slightly tilt the wagon and then BOOM… the rampage begins.

I am really glad for Marathi cinema which is coming up. Not that I watch a lot of regional stuff, but rooting for the underdog always makes me believe in the word hope. I wonder if the ‘MSN film wing’ does anything for Marathi cinema or is their time and money devoted to imbecilic remarks against the glamdom.

It’s still surprising that these idiots still play the Maharashtra card despite the nation voting against Hindutva, racism, communalism, etc. Another insult to all Maharashtrians and Maharashtrian culture.

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