Monday, June 29, 2009

He Beat It!!

I was shocked, never expected it... I put on my television and BBC flashed 'MJ is dead.'

Now I don't want to write the same old things that every news channel is flashing about MJ. Just my thoughts on the icon...

I don't know if he was the most gifted artist (he is according to me) but what I do know for sure is that he definitely was the most popular and influential artist of all time. You may not know who Elton John, George Michael, Bruce Springsteen or Madonna are but you just have to know that an artist by the name of Michal Jackson existed.

He was the first foreign artist that I had ever heard of in my life. His song Beat It was probably the first English song I ever heard in the West abhoring Saudi Arabia of the 80s. Just loved it and was amazed at the video which simply defines the music video scenes of the decade.

Bollywood too was strongly influenced by MJ. Mithun I'm sure owes quite a bit to him. From what I heard the 'Mi' part in his son Mimoh's name is a tribute to the late artist.

In my school days his 'Heal the World' was a very influential song for me. I heard it over and over again and I know those words will come back to me one day and make a difference to my life and others. RIP!!

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