Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Jugheads- Malad:The most OBNOXIOUS place in Mumbai

This is my first posting which is not movie related but I had to put it up. The article was published on which I must say is a very good website to find out about eateries in India.

You can check the same article out here:

I'm not a regular foodie... I limit myself to certain restaurants and pubs that I had a good experiences in and become a regular there. No, am not snobbish but just prefer quietrer places with respectful service.

I live just a couple of minutes away from the Malad Jughead's yet I must have visited the place maybe 3 times in my life. I am a big fan of the Pop Tates at Saki Naka and Jugheads being formerly Pop Tates, my girlfriend and I decided to go there for a drink (dont ask me why now).

We reached there at 6:35pm and there were still about 25 minutes for the Smiley Hours to get over. We order a Beer tower. The waiter's next words just took my belief in hearing the unheard to an all new level. I was bluntly told that I will have to finish the Tower as well as the free one by 8:00pm (an hour after the Smiley Hours gets over) or else I would be charged extra. It was the most ridiculous thing I had ever heard in my life. Despite being completely sober it was difficult for me to find words for this. The waiter sensing my newly found dumbfoundedness then tried to reason saying that people stay a long time beyond the Happy hours that's why this rule was made.

2 things came into my mind:
Why does a themed restaurant and bar want to drive out people quickly?

Why the hell should I be watched over whether I finish my drink on time or not?

And imagine the waiter's audacity when he suggests that we have the Pitcher instead of the tower as we probably will be able to finish it on time.

We go to places like this for the ambience, the food, the overall experience and I just cannot believe that someone gives me a time limit to finish my drink. It really is beyond my understanding. The management must have been picked up from a local desi bar from the inner gullies of Screwyouabad. It goes without saying that in a competitive world it's about retaining customers not getting rid of them but these dimwits have other things in mind.

Service was bad. I ordered French Fries and there wasn't a plate for us to pour the ketchup. Imagine asking the waiter at a restaurant t give us plates.

On the food front, it was pretty good. No complains there. But as I'm never going to visit this 70s Indian government behaving excuse for a food place, I won't really get to check out the rest of the menu. Traffic might be a problem for you but the Saki Naka Pop Tates is simply much better. Avoid the step-sister please.

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