Wednesday, January 28, 2009

No Country for Old Men (2007)

Now this is just simply good direction, just that… or else why would such a predictable done and seen to death story still keep you at the edge of your seat?

A drug deal goes wrong and everybody ends up killing everybody else… the first person who lands up on the scene finds a bag full of money and runs away with it. The man to whom the money belongs is a psychopathic killer and kills people in the name of honor and dishonor as well.

The killer played by Javier Bardem is terrifying. The French actor who doesn’t know a lot of English just scares the shit out of you. His Oscar winning performance is simply stupendous and he defines fear in this movie.

My biggest complain about the film and there have been quite a few debates on the same is the ending. After amazing direction, the Coen brothers go for the most predictable straight forward ending there is and the film abruptly ends. No it's not an open ending (thankfully) but yeah even if the story was straight forward I would have liked to see what really would have happened post the killer walking away.

The film won four Oscars including best film and best director. I can agree with the latter but am not sure about the first.

Tommy Lee Jones bores as the eventually to be Old Man.

It’s been a while since I’ve actually had goose bumps watching a movie on a 15 inch screen in broad light… Just shows the tension and the tone churned up by the Coen Brothers.

Personally I think this is a must watch for budding film-makers all over. I definitely learnt a lot of things and I'm sure I will look this movie up some day foor reference.

Must watch!!

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