Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Teri Meherbaniyan- Bhidu is a dog's best friend

Classic Bollywood!! Right from the days of Haathi Mere Saathi, the faithful animal has been an integral part in Hindi movies right up to the late 90s. It's kinda less now maybe coz of animal activists making noise on the issue of mistreatment towards animals while filming. I support them completely but yes, it has made wonderful Hindi cinema lose it's animal friends.
Now I present to you the title song of Teri Meherbaniyan, a dedication to Shilpa who always cracks up whenever I sing this song (I dont sing it often, I dont sing it often, I am not a loser). Teri Meherbaniyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaannnn, Teri Qadardaniyaaaaaaaaaaannnnnn...

Now prior to the song beginning Jackie Shroff beats up the dog Moti (I think that's his name) black (pun intended) and blue because he didnt help Poonam Dhillon while the baddies were attempting to rape her. She subsequently killed herself. Then the other saps (including the washed out over weight Raj Kiran) tell Jaggu that it wasn't his fault as he was locked in another room. Somehow who let the dogs out doesn't seem an apt song here now does it?

I don't know why the censor board didn't object to Jackie smooching the doggie so much. Ugh!! I dont hate dogs but canine saliva in my mouth is strictly prohibited. I wonder how Jaggu must have felt doing it... I wonder how Moti must have felt while he got molested. Off course Jaggu did evolve after that when he heavily locked lips with Madhuri Dixit in Vardi four years later.

The dog is pretty amazing... He eats chapatis, cries and even carries a garland to his master's dead body. He also kills Amrish Puri in the end (not in the video). I think he kinda got bored during the chapati eating bit... doesn't really seem interested in eating it.

But the best abilty this mutt possesses is that of a changing his true colours (pun intended again). We flashback to the time when he is a pup and is bottle fed by Jackie... notice carefully how the girgit dog was actually brown as a pup... uparwale ki meherbaniyan... sheesh... talk about miscast!!

A final word- I do wonder if Jackie was uncomfortable playing a dead body while the dog was on him. What if it decided to take a leak?

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