Saturday, November 8, 2008

Deshdrohi comments...

Hi all,I've been wondering why I haven't put up something on Deshdrohi... I'm sure its going to be the most unintentionally funny film of the year... but I have to point out that the promotions of Deshdrohi are bigger than movies like Roadside Romeo, Heroes and maybe even Karzzzzzzzzz...

So some of us started a chain mail and I wanted to put up some comments from there on the movie... the promos are just killing us and there is Deshdrohi fever all over.

"For the uninitiated Deshdrohi marks the grand launch of Bhojpuri producer Kamal Rashid Khan (KRK - the next thing after SRK)... what's more u even have Ravi Kishen and Manoj Tiwari with an item no by Saif's ex Rosa Catalano... Bhaiya KRK is going to be a bigger sensation than Gujju Himesh... those who have seen the trailers vouch for it. The multi-starrer comprises of an irresistable cast of Nirmal Pandey, Aroon Bakshi, Shiva, Aman Varma, BIG BOSS fame Zulfi Syed, Avtar Gill, Rana Jung Bahadur yesteryear gems like Kadar Khan, Prem Chopra, Shakti Kapoor, Raza Murad and Ranjeet. What? did u ask of the girls? there's Lagaan fame Gracy Singh and Mohabbatien fame Kim Sharma"

"Arrey KRK... interests me! and I saw the trailers... the guy looks a dude.. can give the likes of John a run for their money! M on! "

"today those who go for deshdrohi will definitely get bashed by MNS. malani seems to hv made full plans to get bashed. those who want to get their bones broken can happily join him... i'll send u flowers tomo :P"

"count me in for deshdrohi ! ... sure looks hilarious... ! KRK has some amazing high fundoo dialouges and a mouse like squeeky voice to match it up to... !! LOL...

I think this movie would kill all classic coemdy movies that hindi cinema has witnessed till date... ! Cant wait to fall off my chair.."

"I am in too.... i dont even knw tht 'deshdrohi's' name but boooyyyy he looks cool!
wt dialogue delivery... wat style... he is india's answer to daniel craig!!"

"KRK..?? is he that lanky bhaiyya?"

"With a heavyheart, I regret to inform all of you that Deshdrohi has been postponed from Nov 7 to Nov 14. In this time of sorrrow, I urge all of you to be strong and await the delay bravely so that we may be able to take Kamal Rashid Khan to the level of super stardom... "

"What a big-hearted KRK is... he just wanted to give fair chance to Daniel Craig whose James Bond flick is releasing on Nov 7... opposite Deshdrohi, Quantam of Solace had no chance... now Kamal Rashid Rashid plans to compete with Dostana... "

"who on earth can hate him? in fact i think after watching this movie raj thakeray will withdraw all his goons and peace will once again prevail in mumbai... all thanks to KRK"

"raj thackeray will kick his well deserving ass but you guys shud hav seen his interview on live india yesday..(another shitty hindi channel ran by silly bhaiyyas)... the man showed off his confidence in style and ws ready to take on the politicians! KRK is a true hero"

Don't you just love it... All right guys... Deshdrohi releases this Friday... Go for it... i definitely am... BTW, for more comments you can also check out the deshdrohi fan page on facebook... cya!!

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