Saturday, November 8, 2008

Roadside Romeo- Cool Cool

The best animated film I've seen come out of India. This one makes Hanuman and Hanuman Returns look juvenile. I dont want to even compare it to movies like Bal Ganesh (blasphemy) and others mainly because this is one is just too way ahead of them.

Fuck the dumb critics who say otherwise, this is a rocking movie in terms of entertainment and technical advances.

One critic says, "ROADSIDE ROMEO borrows from the masala films of 1980s. There's a hero, a heroine, the mandatory villain, plus love, problems, misunderstandings and conflict, but all's well that ends well. The story is predictable and worse, you don't feel for any of those characters you watch on screen."

I agree with the first part... but then again the same critic gave Om Shanti Om a 4 star rating. This is what he said about OSO- "there's a dash of KARZ, a bit of KARAN ARJUN, a sprinkling of KUDRAT, but beyond that it's a film that makes you nostalgic about 1970s Bollywood." So two contradictory statements in these reviews. Just wanted to point it out our hypocritical critics.

As for the characters, I thought including the leading cast, this film has the most loveable side characters a film could ever have. I agree Laila (Kareena) was wasted but over all even the villains non-speaking side-kicks (Charlie's Angels) were fun.

Javed Jafferi and Sanjay Mishra steal the show. Javed as the heavy-mouthed Charlie Anna and Sanjay as the Bhojpuri speaking scruffy mutt are both hilarious. I thought Saif Ali Khan was just all-right... It's only star power here coz I really thought a talented VO artist could have done a much better job.

But the new entrant who gets doggie points (pun intended) is debutant director and writer Jugal Hansraj. He tells a simple predictable story in a very very interesting way. The screenplay is hilarious and not once do you get tired. If Jugal continues this then he will be a director to look out for.

My favourite part of the film is when Charlie Anna goes on a date with a fake Laila (Tanaaz Irani) and the song playing in the background is the title song of Ek Duje Ke Liye. I think this was the first time I heard S.P. Balasubramanium's voice on the big screen. "I dont know what you say, i dont know dont know what you say." I must have heard that song after a decade. Sniff sniff... nostalgia... and luckily I had someone to wipe my tears. I jumped from my seat with glee and the couple making out next to me thought I was a weirdo.

Overall a pleasure to watch... Don't remember the last time I laughed and smiled at the movies so much.

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