Sunday, October 26, 2008

Fata poster nikle Heroes

Saw Heroes with Mommy... Initially didnt have any expectations from the film but then it got decent reviews so decided to watch it. Other option was Roadside Romeo which I didn't think my mom would enjoy...

I was looking forward to watching Oyeeeeeeeaaaaaahhhhhh Sunny and Yayy Mithunda.

Sunny didnt let me down but I got bored with Gunmaster G-9.

I really don't feel like really blogging about this movie so I'll just say what's on top of my head.

Unique concept for a Hindi film. A proper road movie has not been shown before but the director and writer screw it up by blending it's uniqueness with regular masala. So you see Sunny bashing 20 men once again, unwanted songs, unwanted mini romantic angles and just an amateurish screenplay.

I haven't seen Kyon Ho Gaya Na or Nanhe Jaisalmer (Thank you Lord) but I definitely have to say that Samir Karnik is a bad director. No two ways about it.

The cinematography is very bad. It should have been the highlight of such a film. It's surprising considering Binod Pradhan was behind the lens.

I've never loved Preity Zinta more. Amazing performance. Sohail Khan too is good. I was vouching for Vatsal Seth but his dialogue delivery was bad. However, his acting is pretty decent.

Taran Adarsh in his review writes that this is one of Salman's finest works. Considering that he has three scenes in the film, I don't know what he is talking about.

Stay tuned for a completely dedicated post on the Sunny Deol fight scene from Heroes. A funny thing which I must mention. I was speaking to my friend Payal and she innocently asked me if Heroes is a sequel to Sunny Deol's The Hero... Hahahahahahahahaha!!

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