Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Aishwarya Rai in Pink Panther 2

The Pink Panther 2 met with bad reviews all over the U.S. Too bad... Aishwarya who was always trying to make an acting career out in the west ends up with another disappointing film.

Was just reading user reviews on imdb.com when I came across a post which said 'how do you find aishwariya rai? (for non-indians)'

Check out what some people who saw the movie had to say...

"Well, she's an ex- beauty queen. She can't act. Her looks are fading."

"thats unfair, have you not seen provoked, jodhaa akbar, sarkar raj? im not indian im white/british but im a huge fan of aishwarya rai, i think shes possibly the most beautiful woman on earth (so not fair!)and shes also an incredibly talented actress.
i havent seen the movie though yet!"

"I thought she was great. This movie didn't require subtle acting skills."

"She's gotta be the most non-talented woman in the world. All looks, thats it. The only reason she even became an "actor" was cuz she's a former miss world. I have seen numerous movies with her in them n every single one of em were just pathetic mainly because of her. Heck, she even brings down decent performances of her co-workers. Hopeless facial expressions, annoying voice and a box full of make up. There was a time when I actually considered her beautiful, but now she's gained weight n trying to look all flashy n hot. Its just sad. Can't stand her for a sec. To even call her an "actress" would be an embarrassment to acting."

"I'm european so i haven't seen that many movies with Aishwarya. The last one i saw was "Bride and prejudice" (yet another Jane Austen adaptation), and as an actress she was good. There was nothing wrong with her acting in that or in any other movie i saw with her in it. So i'm guessing phrases saying that "she is the most untalented woman" or "to call her an actress is embarrassing" are understatements. As a person, i have to say Aishwarya is an extremely beautiful, beautiful, beautiful woman. I fell for her the first moment she appeared on screen."

Better luck next time Ash!!

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