Monday, February 23, 2009

Maid in Mannat

Here’s an exclusive picture of SRK posing with my maid. Remember it’s a exclusive.

Ever since the horrendous news came out that the super rich Shah Rukh Khan needs minor shoulder surgery my dear office maid Vijaya was rolling on her bed as she could not sleep at night.

“Saahrook Kaan ospital mein bimaar hai.” Said she the next day in office as she drank her 23rd glass of water after getting dehydrated from the excess tears of seeing her hero on apparent death bed.

Well, our Indian media isn’t really any more smarter considering they too flock outside SRK’s Jannat Mannat to capture a glimpse of their star but what sets Vijaya apart is the fact that she was going to visit Siddhivinayak Temple to pray for his health. I rolled on the floor (which the maid didn’t clean) laughing at her stupidity.

Here is a man who can afford five star treatment, buy the hospital and the doctors and nurses as his personal playthings yet my genius maid decides to pray for the speedy recovery of his Dard-E-Ligaments.

I recall my parents telling me that people prayed for Amitabh Bachcan’s recovery when he was almost dying after getting accidentally stabbed by Puneet Issar during the shoot of Coolie. Well, a knife in his stomach is definitely worse off than a shoulder surgery, I presume.

Siddhivinayak should charge an entry fee of which the proceedings go to charity. I'm sure they'll make a bomb when ultra-rich tycoons complain of broken finger-nails and paper cuts.

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