Tuesday, February 10, 2009

The Classic Bollywood Rape Scene

Aaaahhh! The good old days. I'm so happy that grew up in the 80s and 90s because that was the time when each and every scene would be remade in another film over and over again to the point that you can never forget it. Each scene would be cliché passed down from film to film with the exact same setting.

One of my favourite scenes that my parents always used to fast forward on my VCR was the classic Bollywood rape scene.

If you find me disgusting then you are in denial or you are just a loser not exposed to the wonderful world of minutely exploitive and barely titillating rape revenge sagas.

Who is the Victim?
She is normally the hero's sister. Prior to the rape, there will be a raksha bandhan scene between bro and sis. Bro will give five rupees to the sister and sis will make a face. (Song may follow). I have witnessed Mithun’s sister getting raped the maximum number of times in his films. And some of the times he himself gets arrested on charges of raping her. Haha!!
If the victim happens to be one of the lead actresses then her lover will also die during the course of the movie and there will be another couple too. The second girl will almost get raped until she is saved in the nick of time by her boyfriend (the main hero).

Who is the Rapist
He is the bad guy who got beaten up and humiliated in public or got arrested because of the hero.
The rapist is the old thakur of the village who happened to see the girl in his haveli. (Normally he comes in with his accountant during the rape.)

Scene before the rape (it’s amazing how I’m using the word rape so casually. RAPE RAPE RAPE RAPE RAPE PARE PEAR BARE RAP)
Before the girl gets raped, she is preparing laddoos for her loving brother and when the bell rings she goes running to the door saying ‘mera bhaiya aaya’ but camera closes up on the baddie with an evil smirk. Background music suddenly increases tempo and the intensity completely changes.

About to be outcast from society girl: Kaun Ho Tum? Yahan Kya Karne Aaye Ho?
Tum? Yahan Kya Karne Aaye Ho?

Guy will touch her cheek with one hand
Girl: Yeh kya badtameezi hain? (As if she didn’t know)

Once the rape process goes a little ahead she yells…

Chod Do Mujhe kutte chod do… (Have you realized what chod when written in English sounds like?)
Mera Bhai tumhe kabhi nahi chodega…
Bhagwan tumhe kabhi maaf nahi karega.

Rapewala: Itni khoobsurat bala ko chod doon?
Laddoo…? Ab Hum Banayenge Diwali tere saath…

While raping for some unknown reason the goon will tear off the girl’s sleeve. I really really cannot for love of my private parts understand why would any rapist go for the sleeve? Tear her damn top off man and if you want to go from molesting to rape then tear what’s underneath. Don’t tear the sleeve you sleeve picking bozo.

The heroine has to run to at least two parts of the house until she is cornered. One of them normally is the kitchen. If the director is a little more creative she ends up in the bedroom. Two things can happen now…

Situation 1
She finds a knife or breaks a mirror and stabs herself (always in the stomach). The smirking villain is now at a loss of sperm count and he runs out of there. Girl doesn’t die. Her brother arrives and she tells him who did this to her. She dies after that. Brother shouts, “Chutkiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii”

Situation 2
She gets raped. Filmed really stylishly- girl on the floor. Shoulder shown. Bad guy on top of her rubbing his face on her but not kissing her. Thunder and lightning also strike then. She dies soon after that but again not before the brother coming. “Chutkiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii”

Now after the entire act is over, actually begins the film where the hero is out to get revenge. Normally, the rapist is well connected and our hero will have to kill more people in his path. But you really aren’t interested in that now are you? Let me tell you in today's time what Richard Gere did to Shilpa Shetty might seem more graphic but back in the days, these scenes were the crowd-pullers.

Note: Have uploaded a rape video where Shakti Kapoor in a very unique way rapes Anita Raaj. Couldn’t find something more appropriate with respect to my posting but do notice that Shakti tears off her sleeve. :D

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