Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Amazing cinematography- Children of Men

I started watching movies from a technical point of view in my second year of senior college when we had ‘understanding cinema’ as a subject. It wasn’t the best class on cinema I have ever attended by any means but it did make me watch movies from a different point of view. So after four years of doing that I have to say that Children of Men is by far the most well executed film I have ever seen.

The cinematography is simply brilliant and just what is required in a chase film like this. I’m still spell bound by it and I can’t imagine how much time must have been put into it’s pre-production.

This film is filled with steady-cam and hand-held long shots (something which I’m not a fan of) but believe me its work so well. I personally felt there was some inspiration from Saving Private Ryan and Black Hawk Down in it but this was taking it to an all-new level.

The cinematographer Emmanuel Lubezki has rightly been nominated four times for the Oscar including Children of Men. He lost out the Oscar in this outing to a worthy candidate Guillermo Navvaro for Pan’s Labyrinth. However, he did win the BAFTA for this one.

Have uploaded a particular scene from the film. You might get bored as the first minute is just regular talking but then the action begins. Notice that there isn’t a single cut in the entire scene and the camera moves all around the car despite five people being in there already. I’m still trying to figure out how it’s done. I think the camera operator is on the roof of the car and holds it through the sun roof. Could be wrong but I cant seem to find a better explanation. Whatever the case, it definitely was a pain the arse to shoot it- that’s for sure. Hopefully will ask a cinematographer soon. Just brilliant!!

The TT ball mostly is computer generated and perhaps the dirt bike is super imposed. Not sure about the latter. Gets more confusing.

Also everything was so perfectly timed. A lot of things happen in these four minutes but the actors just do a pretty good job. I’m sure this must have taken a long time to execute and days of preparation. That’s movie-watching experience for me.

This film has many more amazing shots and scenes. I particularly liked the one where Kee gives birth to her baby… not your regular baby born without an umbilical cord :D

Anyways, please get a hold of this movie. It’s pretty interesting as well even if you don’t notice the cinematography. Go for it!!

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Retro Man said...

Yeah I believe Alfonso Cuaron wanted to shoot part of the film with unconventional methods, so as to unnerve viewers accustomed to typical movie experiences.

Most of us just haven't seen stuff like that.