Friday, December 26, 2008

Gha Jee Nahi

Had gigantic expectations... probably the highest I've had in a very long time for any film and they did come crumbling down after a few initial reviews but I think that helped somewhere mainly coz I went in with zero expectations. Devansh Patel really ripped the movie to the core and Taran Adarsh praised it to no end but honestly I didn't think it was worthy of either.

Not a bad movie but definitely had so much more potential... let's me tell you that the film was over three hours long... and if I was the director or the editor then I could and I would definitely trim it down by atleast 45 mins. I wish there was a 2 1/2 hour international version. I expected intellectual stimulation cosidering the core plot of the film but was let down by a screenplay dominated by South Indian styled and 80's based sequences.

There were so many unnecessary and cliche scenes in the film like Asin's entry, the entire Ambassador buying scenes, the Aamir-Asin romance was just too long, don't know why they gave a newbie cop so much footage if he was going to eventually die much before the interval... lots more... dont wana take 3 hours to write a review...

Direction was bad... had a particular south style seen in many Hindi films made by South Indian directors with Nayak really coming to mind. I know people have loved Aamir's fight sequences but if you really dissect them then they actually were like any other Sunny Deol fight minus the 'Oyeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!' Editing too seemed very much out of a Shankar film...

I really dont understand so many things... Why wasnt Aamir killed along with Asin? Why couldn't Asin escape from her apartment even though she had many opportunities to do so? Why does the main baddie Ghajini who also happens to be an popular industrialist do his own dirty work? Why dont Asin's house, Jiah's girls hostel have watchmen? Why does Jiah Khan bore?

On the plus side... Aamir's performance was good though I wouldnt say was his best. I predict Asin to be the next big actress in the Hindi Film Industry and I dont mean eye candy like Katrina but a real actresss like Smita Patil. Definitely a contender for numerous debutant awards... Another debutant who has great dialogue delivery is veteran writer Anjum Rajabali... Jiah was theek theek... no wonder she was side-lined in the promotions...

Even though A.R Rehman's music was pretty good, the film could have been better without any songs. Loved Aye Bachchu and Asin looks great.

I would never want to watch this film again even if it comes on television mainly because of the length but I must admit that I could sit thru it unlike Salaam-E-Ishq. Probably a trimmed version might be worth a watch some day!!

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