Monday, December 22, 2008

You Only Live Once (1937)

Believe it or not, I saw two Henry Fonda films back to back, the other was 12 Angry Men (check the previous post). I had never seen a Henry Fonda movie in my life but I do recall seeing his star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Would want to watch some more of his movies.

Immediately after hearing the name Fonda, I remember Jane Fonda (who incidentally is Henry's daughter) and immediately recall my childhood days and my mother doing her aerobics work-out while watching Jane's work-out video on VHS.

A mug (Henry Fonda) is released from prison and marries his sweet-heart (Sylvia Sidney). However, he is wrongly accused of an armoured truck robbery which leads to the death of six people. He is caught but escapes from jail killing a Priest in the process. Turns out his innocence was proved but then this murder just gets him back to square one. He and his wife are now on the run from the law.

I think this movie kind of partly gave inspiration to Bonnie and Clyde (which in turn inspired Bunty Aur Babli).

Personally, I think YOLO is over-rated. However, considering the year it was made it I might say it was pretty decent. Great performances- Henry is good, Sylvia is really beautiful and does really well, decent direction and decent screenplay.

Watch it if you have nothing much to do on a day where you are lazy enough not to crib for your lost time in case you don't like it.

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