Friday, December 5, 2008

What is wrong with Yash Raj?

In my IndiaFM and Indiatimes days, I thought Yash Raj was just arrogant- in speaking to the media, in their publicity campaigns, etc. Now I think they are simply dumb.

Their promotional campaign for Roadside Romeo was the pits despite it being the only good movie to come out of their banner in a very very long time...

Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi is a big film... Aditya Chopra and SRK coming together after almost 9 years is a big thing for a lot of people... liked DDLJ, thought Mohabbatein was all right but here I'm not talking of my movie opinion... I'm talking from a business point of view of getting in the audience...

DDLJ is still running forcefully at Maratha Mandir after so many years but gone are the days of Silver, Golden, Platinum jubilees. Today, release your movie and in the second month release it's DVD and in the third month air it on television. It's sad but true... one misses those silver jubilee signs... I guess you still might see them in small towns but becuase of the multiplex culture it's maximum profit in the first week end.

But I don't know why but Yash Raj just seems full of itself. Lousy and repetitive promotions of RNBDJ dont really excite... yes SRK has a fan following but recall that Chak De India had a bad opening and it worked only because of word of mouth publicity eventually.

People are confused... what is this movie all about? Why is SRK looking like a retard? Also just read yesterday that the advance booking will only begin two days before the release date appparently because of the terrorist attacks. I'm trying to think of the strategy there but sense eludes me. Deshdrohi had more recall value man... Sheesh!!

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