Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Street Kings (2008)

Five minutes into the movie and I said 'great, another cop movie'. Not that I dont like cop movies but its really been a while since I saw a good one and the dumb Dus nausea still hasnt left me. But this movie took me by surprise... nothing that we havent seen every Hollywood star do but yet it was pretty interesting. Read up that the screenplay was in the making for over a decade.

LAPD cop Tom Ludlow (Keanu Reeves) is out to find out the men who killed his former partner (not really original now is it?). As he climbs up each rung of the ladder he thinks he's one step ahead of everyone but is he at the end of the 'Hoody' night?

Finally I saw Keanu with some expressions on his face... He looked and acted the part really well and so did Forest Whitaker as Tom's captain. This is the first time I saw Hugh Laurie in a movie. Love him in House M.D. and he was pretty good albeit a small role.

The climax might come as a surprise but if you really think hard (which I wasnt) you just might guess what's in store...

Neat basic action- foot chases, car chases, gun shots (and even a shovel) to the face and more.

Check it out if you like some neat dishum bishum.

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