Sunday, October 5, 2008

Dawn of the dead (1978)

Dawn of the dead is the best zombie (not that I've seen many) movie I have ever seen. This one makes I Am Legend, the 28 series and Resident Evil look as bad as the human intestines eaten by the zombies. Gota bunch of Zombie flicks to watch now. Really want to explore this genre...

One question to ask if the situation ever arises... Which is the most resourceful place on the planet if it is suddenly infested by Zombies? A Mall naturally... You have food, water, clothes, toys and if you're a pervert a mannequin as well...

Two SWAT guys and a couple end up on the roof of a mall using their helicopter. There they find a room which is not yet discovered by Zombies. They make that their hide-out. But now they need food and other supplies for survival.. It's how they strategize, outwit and outpunch the zombies is what the film is about...

The film is not really scary as everything is revealed pretty early- we know the zombies, their mannerisms... so its mostly strategy which I love in movies or in computer games.

Director George Romero who earlier made another hit Zombie flick Night of the living dead did an outstanding job as a visualizer and story-teller. No sleek editing (shouldnt expect it in the 70s.) but I guess that adds to the charm of the film.

This one is definitely a classic. Try to get a hold of it or give me a call for a copy.

Had one great line "When there is no more room in Hell, the dead will walk the earth." I think that was Romero's prediction on George Bush.

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