Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Supersize Me (2004)

I'm never eating at McDonalds again!! The Macs at Linking rd, Bandra is gonna lose some of it's business.

Supersize me is an experimental documentary written and directed by Morgan Spurlock. This dude actually had the balls to go on an all Mac diet for 30 days just to make a movie.

The rules are simple...
He has to eat and drink only from the McDonalds menu, including the water. If they don't serve water in that particular outlet, then he has to settle with a shake or coke.

He has to eat all the items available on the menu in the alloted 30 days.

He can only buy the Supersize meal if he is asked to by the Mac guys.

33 years old and very healthy, Spurlock puts his health on the line. By the end of day 21, he gets almost screwed... his once upon a time healthy liver turned into fat and doctors said he probably might get artery problems in the future.

Not as good as Fast Food Nation even though FFN never really took names of McDonalds. I thought the ending could have been more impactful nonetheless a decent effort.

Opinions from doctors, lobbyists, activists make a great watch even though one would have liked to see a litttle more of humor in the film.

Film was showcased at Sundance and received good critical acclaim and according to imdb this was the highest grossing documentary in Australia.

Watch this and you are bound to get one MacStomachache!

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