Friday, October 10, 2008

Ending of Khanjar- The Knife

I have been fortunate to watch the hilarious ending of Khanjar- The Knife twice in the past month on television. Released in 2003 and starring Suniel Shetty and Tabu, this one was definitely delayed by a decade or so. Suniel Shetty when he was known as SUNIL Shetty and Tabu when she looked like a 14 year old whose features hadn't yet developed.

It begins with Anna warning his long lost brother over the phone in the phone-booth that their mother and sister have been kidnapped by the bad guys. The goons now find Suniel and tie up the phone booth and drag it to a jungle of all place. Enters unknown villain who claims to have killed Sunil's father (Mohan Joshi)- dumb quick flashback in slo-mo. Now begins the fun part.

I assume that this film got really delayed and hence Suniel refused to complete the film. So the goons put a blinding mask over a duplicate Suniel and the dupe fights with a mask on. So now Suniel has added 50 pounds within 1000 frames.

However, one has to show that the mask has come off eventually, so the over-weight dupe takes it off and does the fighting with the camera positioned behind a leaf. And then finally stock footage is used of Suniel for close-ups. What's hilarious (and I'm sure really frustrating for the director) is that his close-ups are shot in the night while the fights are actually happening in the day time.

And after the bad guy is dead, for some strange reason we see the dead Mohan Joshi come back. Not a recommended watch, but surely 10 unforgettable minutes.

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