Thursday, October 2, 2008

Surveillance- Teesri Aankh

I really have no idea whether the surveillance security at malls and multiplexes in India is as good as what they show in Surveillance. With bombs erupting everywhere, I have to admit that I think twice before watching a movie at a multiplex. I wonder if there will be any salvation for me in dying in a bomb blast in a multiplex mainly because I'll die doing what I really love.

Caught it on Star Movies thinking it to be another average small budgeted Hollywood film but this one actually caught me by surprise.

It ended up giving me the creeps on how much power a single man can have because he has security cameras at his disposal. Now, this wasnt gory gory horror but the idea of someone breathing down your neck all the time is no less eerie to me. Being in the thriller genre, I would love to put it in the horror genre as well...

Now, this is the second Hollywood film in recent times that I've liked despite it getting really bad reviews. The other was See No Evil starring Kane, the WWE wrestler.

Armand Assante is amazingly cast as the obsessive security guard in the flick but like all Hollywood films this one too gets predictable after a while. But Assante is pretty amazing. Don't know much about him but he is definitely a seasoned actor or simply a completely natural old new-comer.

Try to catch Surveillance... Your experience in a mall will never be the same again!

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