Friday, October 3, 2008

Hammer Films- The original Ramsays

Picked up the Hammer Story : The Authorized History of Hammer Films from the Strand sale... Before I go on I want to compliment Strand Book Stall for the wonderful service that they provide us with. While a Crossword or Granth give a minimum of 10% off on every book during their sales (and highly publicize it), Strand offers 20% off on every book on any given day. That's the magic of Strand. I eagerly wait for their bi-yearly sales which even though burns a hole in my pocket, it gives me immense happiness.

I had briefly read about Hammer films when I was doing research on the cinema of the Ramsay family. The Ramsays known for their horror movies in India actually were inspired by Hammer Films including their first horror flick Do Gaz Zameen Ke Neeche.

Did a little reading out of curiosity on Hammer a year ago and was surprised to find this book at the Suburban sale. Decided to pick it up... Hammer was a production house based in UK which churned out horror movie but eventually shut down as they could not recreate themselves with changing times. The book cost me a cool Rs. 750. There was just one copy of it and I wonder if it wasn't for me would someone ever pick it up. I would like to know who would buy something like that... Still waiting to meet a collector who collects books on various aspects of movies.

Have just brushed thru the book so far and it seems pretty interesting. Will read it when time permits.

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Saale Big B aur RGV ke baad tune bhi blogging chalu kiya. Teri popularity ratings aise nahin badegi.