Thursday, October 16, 2008

Short Film Center at IFFI

Couriered my film The Neo Testament to the Short Film Center in Goa. It's an initiative taken by IFFI this year to focus on short films. Thanks to Gaurav who told me about it, I managed to send it 6 days before the deadline.

IFFI is probably the biggest film festival in India and I hope that my film gets selected. I dont know how much exposure it will give me as a film-maker but seeing one's film on the big-screen to a packed audience is a different high altogether. The Neo Testament was screened at Universal Studios in Hollywood as part of NYFA's final screening. Felt really good.

I had to submit a lot of documents and other things. Firstly and most obviously was a DVD copy of the film. Apart from that they required me to fill a form. Name, address, the usual but apart from that I had to write a 30 word synopsis, 100 word synopsis, technical details like aspect ratio, etc. etc.

Also had to give a demand draft of Rs. 1000 non-refundable even if the film is not chosen. And apart from that a few movie stills which I didn't have. So I cut frames from the movie itself. My dear Sadhana resized them and then gave it for prinitng. Came out decently. Also had to give my own picture. Found a decent one taken on my last day at Indiatimes.

I remember going for IFFI as an official trip two years ago while I was at IndiaFM. Gaurav, Moses and Chanakya were with me. Was nice and saw a lot of film-enthusiasts. It was the first film festival I had been to and was very good even though I couldn't attend all the days.

Will come to know on 30 October if my film is selected or not. Reels crossed...

Watch my film by clicking on the following link...

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