Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Film em up

Hello friends, foes and hoes,

Welcome to my second blog. The first one got ruined because MSN doesn't offer unlimited space in theirs. That's why I love anything and everything that Google comes out with. If you aren't a googleaholic then you are probably one of those who prefer a non-flat television, lo-def cable TV and Yahoo!! Please, don't be santusht!!

Now I understand that in this over-communicated as well as fast-paced world where time is money and honey, you have taken time out to read what's in my brain so I'm going to try my absolute level best to not get you bored. My blog will be about the movies and TV shows that I watch, some incidents that I come across in the film industry, the books that I read and my personal views on cinema. So sit back, grab your popcorn and coke and welcome to my world of movies.

I was going to end with a SRK quote saying "Picture abb baki hai mere dost" but since I already used his "don't be santusht" line, I decided to go with another ham- Porky Pig i.e. "That's all folks!!"

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